Comprehensive List of Care Home Courses

We like to keep busy! - We deliver nearly 200 different case courses in subjects as varied as Venepuncture to End of Life Care. To find more information on any of these training programmes, please call or email and we will be happy to help.

Fundamental Courses

Moving and Handling of People
Moving and Handling of People Theory
MCA & DOLS Training
Infection Control Courses
Medication Awareness
Challenging Behaviour Awareness
Dementia Awareness Training
Equality & Diversity
Diet & Nutrition
Pressure Sore Awareness
Communication & Record Keeping
Mental Health Awareness
Person Centred Care
Personal Care
Mental Health Awareness
Record Keeping and Social Care
Care Planning Awareness
The Ageing Process
Care Planning Awareness
Choking Prevention Awareness
Common Induction Standards
Communication and Record Keeping Awareness
Diet and Nutrition (Nutrition Awareness)
Fall Prevention Awareness
Incontinence Awareness
Meaning of the CQC Awareness
Observation Skills for Carers


Safeguarding Courses

Anti-Bullying Awareness
Adult Protection AP1 and AP2
Caring for Children who have been Abused
Child Protection Awareness
Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness
Confidentiality Awareness
Dealing with Sexually Abused Young People
Domestic Violence Awareness
Internet Safety and Social Networking
MCA and Deprivation of Liberties Awareness
MCA and DOLS for Managers
Safe caring
Safeguarding of Children Awareness
Deprivation of Liberties
SOVA Awareness
SOVA Level 2
SOVA Level 3
SOVA for Manager
Teenage Substance Misuse
Working With Sex Offenders
Working With Substance Abuse Awareness
Working With Unaccompanied Minors


Specialist Carer Training

Epilepsy Awareness Course
Diabetes Awareness Training
Catheter Care - Theory Only
Physical Intervention
Autism Awareness Training
Epilepsy Advanced Course
Challenging Bahaviour Awareness
CIEH Conflict Resolution & Personal Safety Level 2
Conflict Management & Challenging Behaviour Awareness
Conflict Management Awareness
Developing the role of Activities Coordinators
Lone Working Awareness


Health & Safety In Care

Emergency First Aid Training
Fire Marshalling Courses
AED - Automated External Defibrillation
Food Safety Awareness
Health & Safety Awareness
Fire Safety Awareness
COSHH Awareness Training
Food Safety Level 2
Back Safety Awareness
CIEH Conflict Resolution & Peronsal Safety Level 2
CIEH Hygiene in Health & Social Care Level 2
CIEH/HABC Award in the Principles of COSHH Level 2
Conflict Management & Challenging Behaviour Awareness
Evacuation Chair
Evacuation Sledge Awareness
Non-Violent Crisis Intervention
Care Risk Assessment Awareness
Physical Intervention


Care Management

Active Listening Skills
Analytical Report Writing
Annual Supervision for Staff
Managing Challening Behaviour
Mental Capacity Act and DOLS for Managers
Person Centred Planning
Professional Boundaries Awareness
Supervising Foster Carers
Supervision & Appraisals
Team Leader Workshop
Team Leadership
Whistleblowing Awareness


Care Train the Trainer

Dementia Care Train the Trainer
Diabetes Train the Trainer
Evacuation Chair Train the Trainer
Epilepsy Train the Trainer
Infection Control Train the Trainer
Medication Train the Trainer
Physical Intervention Train the Trainer
SOVA Train the Trainer
Train the Trainer Moving and Handling of People
Train the Trainer Moving and Handling Refresher
First Aid Train the Trainer
Fire Safety Train the Trainer
Equality and Diversity Train the Trainer


Mental Health Care Training

ADHD Awareness
Bipolar Awareness
Borderline Personality Disorders Awareness
Dementia Awareness
Dementia Champions
Depression Awareness
Depression, Anxiety and Phobia Awareness
Understanding Eating Disorders Awareness
Mental Health Act Awareness
Advanced Mental Health Act
Mental Health Awareness
Mental Health Induction
OCD Awareness
Schizophrenia Awareness
Self-Harm Awareness
Stress Awareness
Supporting People with Dementia


End of Life Care Training

End of Life Care Awareness
Intermediate Life Support
Palliative Care
Loss and Bereavement Awareness
Separation and Loss


Health Care Training

Advanced Medication Awareness
Advanced Nutrition Healthier Foods & Special Diets
Basic Life Support Awareness
Catheter Care
COPD Awareness (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
Diabetes Awareness
Face Fit Training
HABC Infection Control Level 2
HIV Awareness
Infection Control Awareness
Medication Awareness
MRSA/C. Diff Awareness
Nutrition and M.U.S.T Awareness
Nutrition Awareness
Parkinson's Awareness
Pressure Sore Awareness
Safe Handling of Medications
Stoma Awareness
Stroke Awareness
Syringe Driver Training
Wound Assessment
Venepuncture Awareness (Theory Only)


Working with Disabilities

Arthritis Awareness
Asthma Awareness
Asperger's Awareness
Autism Awareness
Cerebral Palsy Awareness
Disability Awareness
Epilepsy Advanced
Epliepsy Awareness
Learning Disabilty Awareness
MS Society Awareness
Scottish Adults With Incapacity Act Training (2000)
Tourette Syndrome Awareness
Visual and Hearing Impairment Awareness
Working with Children and Disabilities


Child Care Training

Attachment and Child Development
Attachment Awareness
Behaviour Managing Challenging and Promoting Positive
Caring for Children who have been abused
Child Protection Awareness
Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness
Children and the Youth Justice System
Contact and Working with Birth Families
Dealing with Sexually Abused Young People
Educating and Success in Learning
Fostering Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking and Refugee Children
Managing Allegations against Foster Carers
Men Who Foster
Safeguarding of Children Awareness
Parent and Child Placements
Preparing Young People for Independence
Signs of Child Trafficking
Supporting Educational Potential Training
Youth Crime and Anti-Soical Behaviour
Working with Unaccompanied Minors
Working with Children who Display Sexually Aggressive Behaviour
Working With Sexualised Behaviours Awareness